The simple choice


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Shared and dedicated hosting all have 24/7 up time that allows you to visit or edit your website at all times.

Safe and Secured

We offer auto generated SSL with all plans who purchase a domain through SimHost.

Our Dedicated Support

You can create a support ticket at any time of day and expect a helpful response as soon as were available.

Best Service


Shared Hosting.

Get the best price for high quality. All accounts on shared hosting are packaged in order to prevent other users from slowing your well-optimized website.

Domain Name.

DNS management is made easy and transfers are free to all accounts on any hosting plan.

Sub domains.

Sub domains connected to the primary domains are free and supported by your plan.

Digital support tools.

Our support is active daily including on the weekends. There is always someone that will get back to you and help problem solve so you're never lost.

One click builders.

We have simple installation for Multiple forms of website builders or plug-ins you need to make your website functional and optimized. All plans come with free support for installation.

Auto Generation.

SimHost has a lot of automatic benefits that other hosting providers don't want to provide. Our SSL that comes free is automatically applied to all domains hosted on our servers. The Automatic features included in all packages make it painless and fast to start designing your website. However, you still reserve the option to use add-ons if you have a preferred provider of SSL certificates.

We don’t compromise on the quality of Hosting Solutions.

Money back guarantee.

If your not satisfied in the first 30 days then we will gladly refund you.

Build and protect your brand

Daily backups of all servers allow us to keep your website safe and secure. If you accidentally do anything to mess it up we can return you to your previous state. Making it risk-free for you to try new things!

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Get best plans for more Power

Our best-in-class WordPress solution, with additional optimization to make running a WooCommerce online store easy. Our prices are clear and straightforward. If you are not sure about what plan would work best with your website please contact support and they will help set you up with your ideal hosting plan.

Powerful Server and Platform

Better Security and faster Server

Our best-in-class WordPress solution, with additional optimization to make running a WooCommerce.

Simple free Migrations

We will transfer your website to our hosting for you so you don't have to worry about dealing with the switching process. All we need is the contact information of your hosting provider and we will request migration on your behalf.

fast response time

Our hosting is highly responsive by design. Both in website speed and support time.